Fibroblast Skin Tightening Treatment – also known as Plasma

Fibroblast is a revolutionary skin tightening procedure that is an alternative to invasive surgical cosmetic procedures with reduced recovery time and without potential complications that can arise after surgery.

Using the Palmere device which is an electrically charged device – an accupuncture needle is inserted into the device- when the accuppuncture needle gets close to the skin (but does not touch the skin) the charge from the device interacts with gasses that come out of your skin and the device produces an electric arc which causes a dot (minute trauma) to the skin.  A specific pattern of dots are formed depending on the area treated and desired outcome.

Fibroblasts, which are in our body and are responsible for elastin and collagen production, rush to the area of trauma and shrink the skin.

The dots over the next few days will form a crust and scab and between day 5 and 7 and will fall off naturally. Results in some cases are immediate but can take up to 6 weeks for the full result. Any area with excess skin can be treated.

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Eyelid £150.00
Under eye & crows feet £150.00
Upper lip £150.00
Jowls £150.00
Neck £200.00
Tummy £300.00
Forehead £200.00