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Outstanding Holistic Health & Beauty Treatments in Cardiff

We are focussed on providing outstanding Holistic Health and Beauty Treatments in Cardiff, in a relaxed and calming environment. From Reflexology to Facials to an Aromatherapy Full Body Massage.

Our products are all carefully selected. For facial treatments, we only use naturally derived products which are approved as cruelty free and vegan friendly.


Reflexology, an incredibly relaxing treatment

Working the reflex points of the feet, Reflexology is an incredibly relaxing treatment which is known to help the body self-heal numerous ailments. Reflexology is a therapy which can be received by anyone at any age. We’re proud of our excellent treatments and of our expertise – we take your comfort seriously.


A peaceful, relaxing environment

Situated in North Cardiff on the outskirts of Lisvane towards Rudry, you will find Elixir nestled away in the countryside surrounded by woods and farmland. So why not have your favourite treatments in a peaceful, relaxing environment?


Customer Testimonial

Clare Farrow

Thank you Tracey for the wonderful full body massages and reflexology so relaxing. Both treatments were extremely restful and I would definitely recommend either one for a chill out or good nights sleep!

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Customer Testimonial

Ricky Srivastava

I went to see Tracy for some reflexology after suffering from chronic shoulder pain for about 1 year. As a personal trainer, and someone who lifts heavy weights on a daily basis my body always feels like it’s falling apart.

I felt reflexology helped massively in Alleviating my aches and pains, I was very sceptical at first but Tracey made me feel at ease. I’d highly recommend Tracey.

Thank you so much.

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