Reflexology in Cardiff

Reflexology at Elixir Cardiff, My Story

Reflexology, a load of old tosh?

A few years ago I decided to change career to fit in the with kids school life. I completed an Indian Head Massage Course at Reading University at night, prior to having kids, and my hubby suggested maybe I go down that line of work.

I decided to enrol in beauty college but when enrolment day arrived all the spaces were taken. One of the tutors asked if I was interested in doing a massage course so I enrolled and put my name down for beauty the following year.

To my surprise on the first day of college not only had I enrolled for massage but apparently complimentary therapies too. Reflexology and Aromatherapy were also a part of my course.

I didn’t really know much about what Reflexology was and I remember saying to one of my colleagues that I thought it was a load of old tosh! I hated anyone touching my feet so this was not something I was looking forward to.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is like clearing the U bends of a toilet! Blood has particles in it. When it flows down your body into your hands and feet the particles get stuck at the lowest point before the blood flows back up the body. Somehow these particles (crystals) seem to get lodged in areas of the foot or hand that correspond with a part of the body that’s out of sync. When you break down these crystals it helps the body to self-heal. This practice of healing has been around for donkeys’ years in the Eastern world but it’s not yet recognised by doctors in our part of the world.

How wrong could I be!

My sister-in law came to visit from Ireland with my mum and brother. I asked if I could practice on her. I told her not to tell me if anything was wrong with her and that I was going to try and diagnose any condition she may have by working on her feet. She had crystals in her toes which indicated sinus problems and she also had lots of crystals in the bottom of her big toes which indicated neck problems. I asked her if she had any issues in these areas, she did, she had not been able to breathe through her nose for several weeks. When I asked her about her neck she said that she had not been able to move her neck to the right-hand side for two years. She had been to a physio and chiropractor but nothing had improved it. Following the session, where I cleared the crystals from her feet, I asked if there was any improvement in her ability to breathe, she took a sniff and couldn’t believe that that she could breathe through her nose, it was completely clear, result! I then asked her to try and move her neck to the right, and she did, she honestly couldn’t believe after two years of having a stiff neck she was as free as a bird. I couldn’t believe it. Either I had healing hands or this Reflexology malarkey works!

To pass my course I had to complete 100 case studies. I worked on 5 ladies that had just started their menstrual cycle, the next day they all phoned to say that their period had vanished. I worked on a personal trainer who had a form of frozen shoulder for the past 6 months, physio and chiro didn’t do him any good. When I had finished the pain in his shoulder disappeared, he ran around the gym shouting “she’s cured me”! I worked on another lady who was generally feeling pretty rubbish. I noticed that she had lots of crystals in her Thyroid area. I’m not a doctor and I can’t diagnose anything but I suggested the next time she goes to the doctor to get her Thyroid checked. She phoned me a few weeks later to say that she had a blood test and she has a big problem with her Thyroid and needs to take medication for the rest of her life.

I’ve also had ladies who have cried half way though the session, this is normal. If you have a lot going on reflexology can help get it all out of your system. Some people feel on top of the world bursting with energy, other people feel wiped out for the day and then lots of energy the day after a treatment. Some have it to help with grief, others have it to help them sleep.

So there you go, from thinking this was a load of old tosh to receiving an award for Complimentary Therapist of the Year, what a turnaround!

There are so many benefits with Reflexology and it’s an extremely relaxing treatment, have you tried it?

If not, perhaps now is the right time to give it a go!

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